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FREE UTAX CLP-3521colour laser printer for you office or school
You only pay for the copies!
Let us supply you with a brand new UTAX CLP-3521 colour laser printer, delivered and installed at your office, at our expense. This colour printer is the entry model for colour printing. With its excellent print quality and a speed of 21 A4 pages per minute it allows every user to create appealing office documents with ease. Thus, representative presentations, handouts or offers can be produced in no time.
We pay for the machine, toner, delivery, spare parts and service & maintenance; you only pay for the copies! Black & white copies cost as little as 1 pence and colour copies cost as little as 8 pence per page .
We only ask that you make a minimum of:
500 colour copies per month, £40.00 
1000 black & white copies per month, costing £5
If you are interested in simplifying your office costs please pick up the phone and arrange urgent delivery
Call us 0845 108 6979
Technical data for the UTAX CLP-3521 colour laser printer

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