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We are proud to supply PERFECT GREEN - the ultimate in premium toners
Re-manufactured with the environment in mind!
Alone an individual cannot make a big difference. However, if many individuals make even small changes to their lifestyle the effect can be significant. Our planet is our most valuable asset and we cannot afford to continue wasting our resources. By purchasing re-manufactured consumables we can make a contribution towards protecting the environment.
alfatec.co.uk are proud to offer a new range of ecologically friendly consumables ‘PERFECT GREEN premium toners’.
During the re-manufacturing process carried out by ‘PERFECT GREEN premium toners’, any part affecting the print quality is replaced with new components.
Before packaging, every cartridge is comprehensively inspected for quality and functionality. This includes a print image test to check density, grey scales, sharpness and yield. Furthermore, the yield is guaranteed to be equal to, or in many cases exceed, that of the original equipment manufacturers’ (OEM) products.
‘PERFECT GREEN premium toners’ are re-manufactured to exacting high standards but with a competitive price tag. ‘PERFECT GREEN premium toners’ are a ‘no risk’ choice for an alternative to the OEM brands.
‘PERFECT GREEN premium toners’ are an ideal solution, delivering real savings without any compromise on quality.
The use of re-manufactured cartridges is better for the environment. Approximately 1.5 kg of plastic is used to make the average new cartridge, which then takes more than 1000 years to bio-degrade in landfill.
Save your money and help to save our planet!
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