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We offer genuine and compatible toner cartridges. What is the difference?
alfatec.co.uk offer a choice of genuine and compatible consumables.
Genuine cartridges are produced by the equipment manufacturer and branded accordingly. Genuine cartridges provide very high print quality and the costs reflect this.
Our recommendation: Genuine cartridges should be considered when you require very high quality print resolution.

A compatible cartridge is manufactured to fit one particular brand of printer, but may be used totally satisfactorily with another brand of printer. Compatible cartridges are made by third  party suppliers. The finished quality is usually comparable with the original manufacturer’s product and the costs are generally cheaper.  
Our recommendation:  A compatible cartridge is a very acceptable choice and considerable savings can often be made with no loss of quality whatsoever. Compatible cartridges are perfectly satisfactory for everyday use. They are suitable for black & white and colour printing.
alfatec.co.uk are proud to supply ‘PERFECT GREEN premium toners’ - the ultimate in compatible toner cartridges. Read more Perferc Green - premium toners
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